Flying Fox Zip Lines & Slacklines

Why Alien Flier?





Safer Zip Line Operation!

  • Rugged construction supports zip line riders up to 125kg pounds with high quality metal construction!
  • Simple installation – Alien Flier trolley attaches quickly using threaded bolts & stainless steel fasteners!
  • Secure – Alien Flier cannot jump or fall off – our housing encloses the cable entirely!
  • Spin-free fun – handles keep the rider facing forward with the trolley during your zip ride!
  • Control – built in trigger actuated speed control system!
  • Ground-level entry – tow rope launching reduces risks introduced by ladder and tree stand loading!

Better Trolley Construction!

  • Lasting fun – Made with high strength lightweight aluminum frames!
  • Easy trolley maintenance – Alien Flier uses modular trolley construction made with replaceable parts!
  • Weather Safe – durable anodized finish protects the aluminum trolley frame from the elements!
  • Smooth ride – two chrome bearings in each tough steel sheave provides smooth zip line speed!
  • Flexible line construction – Alien Flier runs on various cable diameters!

Fast Comfortable Zip Line Fun!

  • Smooth – Alien Flier’s 6” wide cable stance reduces cable sag & line friction!
  • Style – two seat styles ensure you of easy entry & comfort on the Alien Flier zip line trolley!
  • Year round comfort with foam grips to stabilize your zip line ride & warm your hands!
  • Super fast ride, due to sealed bearing construction and multi-sheave zip line trolley design!
  • Flexibility & safety provided by slots in AF trolley for adding safety webbing, rope & carabineers!

Alien Flier Flatline Slackline *NEW*

Slacklining is loads of fun for all the family! Balance, walk, run, stunt all while getting a great core workout while working on your balance and focus; the constantly changing and dynamic nature of the slackline means you are constantly challenged. Your family will never be bored with a slackline!

The Alien Flier Slackline comes with the all important Training Line For Learning

Alien Flier Flatline Slackline


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