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Discover the Value of Wooden and Educational Toys. Go and Play Provides Premium Options for your Family

Childhood is a wondrous time. In the wake of modern entertainment, however, it can also be a stagnant time, with children accessing an endless stream of movies, music, and brightly coloured cartoons. Skill development shifts from cognitive to pop cultural. Go and Play wishes to change this. We recognise the importance of wooden and educational […]

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D Ozfort Single Swing Play Gym Cubby House Fort Playground

Design your back yard with OzFort play equipment

Take a look outside. The number of children you’ll see riding bikes or throwing a Frisbee around isn’t nearly as high as it used to be. With video games, tablets, smartphones, and hand-held gaming devices taking up most of our kids’ time, you’ll rarely see anyone playing around in their own backyards, let alone a […]

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Kids playing outside

5 Reasons to Get Outdoors – We Talk Nature and Health

As our society becomes more and more technology­ dependent, we reduce the amount of time that we spend outdoors. 20 years ago, kids used to run around and enjoy the swing! Today, they have tablets and baby laptops. Kids don’t really want to go out anymore, and the same applies to their parents. Are you […]

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Playground Equipment Accessories Swing Play Gym

 At Go And Play we’re serious about having Fun! Childhood should be a magical time, full of exciting new adventures and experiences. At Go and Play, our goal is to get children outside and playing with their friends. Playgrounds should be designed to be the most exciting, inspiring places to play for children of all […]

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