10 Exciting Products To Encourage Outdoor Play

There’s no doubt about it, we need to get our kids outdoors more often. With the enticement of digital technologies and increasingly busy lifestyles, suburban Australian streets and backyards are not like they used to be 20+ years ago, the sound of kids happily playing until it was time to come inside for lunch or dinner.

It’s why companies like Go and Play are committed to getting kids outdoors so kids’ can reap the benefits of outdoor active play and experience genuine fun, away from digital devices. Where digital devices only rely on sight and sound, outdoor play engages all the senses and has massive benefits to the physical, emotional and mental development of kids.

The benefits of outdoor play

The massive benefits outdoor play has on our kids is often forgotten encouraging them to play outside as much as possible pays dividends. Here are just a few ways outdoor play can help your children:

  1. Improves muscle strength and coordination
  2.  Builds self-confidence
  3.  Develops gross motor skills through actions like running, jumping and leaping
  4.  Improves hand-eye coordination
  5.  Develops imaginations and creative thinking
  6.  Improves fitness
  7.  Burns calories
  8.  Helps them connect with nature
  9.  Helps with risk-taking and allowing children to discover their limits
  10.  Aids in self-expression

Understandably, some families do not live close to a park, a beach or other nature space to be able to experience active outdoor play, fully. That is why Go and Play specialise in products that can be used in the safety and convenience of the backyard; they’re the perfect way for your kids to be able to get the health and fitness benefits of outdoor play.


Go and Play Products to encourage outdoor play

Vuly Trampolines


Trampolines deliver a huge number of benefits, you might even find yourself jumping on it yourself if your kids will give you a chance. Not only are they a huge amount of fun, they offer cardivasular benefits, are great for coordination and agility, help with muscle tone and developing core stability and are a great low-impact exercise. The great thing about the Vuly Trampolines too is that you and your kids can enjoy all of these benefits without having to worry about contact with the springs (because they’re outside the contact area) and you’re protected within the enclosure. Vuly Trampolines come in 4 different types – Vuly Ultra – Small Medium Large Extra Large.  Vuly Lift 2 – Medium Large Extra Large. Vuly Thunder – Medium Large Extra Large. Vuly Thunder Pro – Medium Large Extra Large

Vuly Playset


Vuly Playsets – The Possibilities are endless

There’s no outdoor play set like Vuly Playsets. With a customisable, premium build and distinctly Vuly design, it’s made to push limits.Safe play in your backyard has never been more customisable to suit your family. A Vuly swing set it unique to you and built to last.

Cubby House & Fort

What child doesn’t love imaginative play in a cubby house or fort! It’s their own little space where they can be completely unplugged and lost in a world of creativity. A cubby house or fort is the ultimate blank canvas for children to create whatever game they desire. But it’s not just creative play that cubby houses and forts are good for, kids will be climbing and jumping for hours. Throw in a swing or a slide and kids will be swinging and sliding too, the perfect way to build gross motor skills.


Alien Flier Zip lines

Don’t you wish you had one of these when you were a kid! A zipline (or flying fox) in your backyard is the ultimate of ‘at home’ fun and the perfect way to build kids confidence. If you’re worried about safety, rest assured, Go and Play stock the Alien Flier zip line which has a Stop Block stopping system and the must have Speed Control system which makes it the safest zip line on the market.



A slackline is tensioned to create a dynamic line with stretch and bounce like a long and narrow trampoline, the line itself is flat. The tension of the slackline can be adjusted and there is a variety of webbing available to perform different tricks. Perfect for core strength and balance, slacklining is great fun for the whole family.


Pool Equipment – Water Slides, Diving Boards & Games

There’s heaps more you can do in the pool than play Marco Polo! Why not add a waterslide, diving board, basketball or volleyball game to your swimming pool. A waterslide or diving board means you’ll have your very own waterpark right in your backyard and a basketball or volleyball game is the perfect way to get your kids active while having fun with friends.


Vuly Basketball Free Standing Hoop

Vuly Slam Pro™ is the world’s most sophisticated portable basketball hoop system. With unmatched build quality and the signature Vuly flair for innovation, it’s basketball – made for champions.

  The basketball set is perforated to prevent wind from toppling the unit.Vuly's amazing basketball set.

Swurfer Swing

Swurfer reinvents the tree swing by combining the elements of board sports with one of our favourite pastimes – hanging out in trees. Engineered for surfing the air, hang it in your backyard, under your beach house, from your swing set, or by a lake. Then, hop on to relax, have fun, workout, or even practice board tricks


Ookkie Skateboard

Worlds First Kids Skateboard Designed on the Gold Coast, made for the world

The ookkie™ is the world’s first dedicated, kids learning skateboard that has been specifically designed for children as young as 2 years old. Your child can use the ookkie™ with or without assistance with it’s unique four in one system featuring a handle for parents to push and control speed, and a rear handle for kids. The handle system significantly increases stability and allows the rider to develop the fundamentals of skateboarding


Quality Educational Toys

Go And Play supply quality and educational toys online or at our retail outlet. We have a huge range of toys to choose from for all ages and budgets.

Go And Play source the best toys from Dolls houses, Wooden toys, Educational Toys, Balance bikes, Arts and Crafts, Toys for boys, Toys for girls, Puzzles and much much more.

Go And Play Retail store offers the best customer service and will help you make your choice and even provide free Gift Wrapping service for that special gift. We have plenty of parking and we are open 6 days a week.


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