Alien Flier Zip Lines

The best backyard zip line kit just got better with the new and improved X3 trolley system. It is designed to be sleek, fast and easy to use. This zip line trolley is removable, so it can be taken down seasonally, or whenever it’s not in use, for added security. Like all of Alien Flier’s previous X models, the X3 comes with their patented trigger-activated speed control system!

It all begin when a daughter, after playing with an inexpensive plastic zip line ride at a friend’s house asked her dad to build her one. After close inspection, it was evident that safety hadn’t been taken into consideration. With no seat, poor construction and a plastic handle, clearly falling prevention was one of the design improvements he had in mind.

He began designing and building a safe, fast and fun backyard zip line trolley system for his daughter that didn’t require a PhD to install or use. The zip line trolley needed to incorporate premium materials, practical safety features and be cost effective to buy and install for regular everyday people interested in home zip lines and backyard adventure.

With the integrated speed control, always included Stop Block system, a ground level entry design, the Alien Flier zip line kit offers homeowners, kids a safer home zip line experience without compromising speed. Alien Flier’s design philosophy means you can enjoy your backyard zip line with confidence.

Once you have properly installed your cable system, you are ready to go! No crazy launch towers to build, feeble ladder contraptions or scary tire bumper stops needed. You simply sit down at ground level in a comfortable, safe and durable seat and the zip line trolley is towed into position.

When ready, gravity will take you on the zip ride of your life, a ride which can end anytime you choose with a simple lever activated trolley speed control located right about the anti-spin zip trolley handle. No other zip line kit in the world is safer, easier to use or more fun!

Here at Go and Play, we offer three different seat choices, for maximum comfort and safety: a flexible seat, a disc seat and a harness, with easy, but safe pop and snap options to change them out in seconds. They also come with safety stops and shock cords to ensure your child is always safe. The cable line is also simple to attach, with thorough safety measures included, and different length cables available depending on the size of your yard.

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