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Alien Flier Zip Lines Kits Flying Fox Kits

Get Your Children Back Outside with Go and Play’s Collection of Zip line Kits and Slackline Kits – Available Online

Are your kids constantly glued to the television? Do you find it impossible to pry them away from video games or computer screens? In today’s fast-paced world of iPads and smartphones, it has become impossible to separate children from technology. But what if there were competing outside games and toys that your children would find […]

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Fun Outdoor Games To Play By Planet Finska At Go And Play

You can now buy the best family outdoor games to play by Planet Finska now available at Go And Play. Planet Finska is a range created by two Aussie mates who are the designers and merchants of properly crafted traditional wooden games – both table wooden games sets and fun outdoor family games. The first […]

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Find Cubby Houses and Forts at Go and Play

Remember the days of playing outdoors with your friends and siblings, getting messy and into all types of adventures? Unfortunately, one of the downsides of technology is fewer kids are spending time outside building forts in their backyards or playing in cubby houses. If you’re struggling to get your kids to play outdoors more, Go […]

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Discover the Value of Wooden and Educational Toys. Go and Play Provides Premium Options for your Family

Childhood is a wondrous time. In the wake of modern entertainment, however, it can also be a stagnant time, with children accessing an endless stream of movies, music, and brightly coloured cartoons. Skill development shifts from cognitive to pop cultural. Go and Play wishes to change this. We recognise the importance of wooden and educational […]

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D Ozfort Single Swing Play Gym Cubby House Fort Playground

Design your back yard with OzFort play equipment

Take a look outside. The number of children you’ll see riding bikes or throwing a Frisbee around isn’t nearly as high as it used to be. With video games, tablets, smartphones, and hand-held gaming devices taking up most of our kids’ time, you’ll rarely see anyone playing around in their own backyards, let alone a […]

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Kids playing outside

5 Reasons to Get Outdoors – We Talk Nature and Health

As our society becomes more and more technology­ dependent, we reduce the amount of time that we spend outdoors. 20 years ago, kids used to run around and enjoy the swing! Today, they have tablets and baby laptops. Kids don’t really want to go out anymore, and the same applies to their parents. Are you […]

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