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Get The Safest and Best Zip Line Kits In Australia

– Very Easy to Install!

(Residential Use Only)

Don’t Waste your Money on Poor Quality Zip Line Kits – Go And Play have sourced the safest and best quality Flying Fox or Zip Line in the world from Alien Flier. Alien Flier make the most durable product and they use only the best materials when making these quality Zip line Kits.

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A flying fox and a zip line are interchangeable terms used to describe a cable car that is propelled by gravity to move a person from one end of the cable to another. Flying foxes should be set up on a slope for children and adults to get the most out of these systems.

Go and Play’s zip lines offer three different seat choices, for maximum comfort: a flexible seat, a disc seat, and a harness.
Are you trying to get your kids off the computer, smart phone, iPod, etc.? How about a Zip Line Flying Fox Fun Ride for the kids in the backyard? We sell Alien Flier Flying Foxes and Zip Line Accessories at Go And Play for hours of backyard fun that is fast and safe for the family.