Design your back yard with OzFort play equipment

Take a look outside. The number of children you’ll see riding bikes or throwing a Frisbee around isn’t nearly as high as it used to be. With video games, tablets, smartphones, and hand-held gaming devices taking up most of our kids’ time, you’ll rarely see anyone playing around in their own backyards, let alone a playground.

Have toys lost their luster as technology advances? Or is there some fault to be found in the playground equipment found in the local parks throughout Australia? We think there is. In recent years, playgrounds have been left to weather and natural wear and tear, which can make them both unsightly and dangerous. This leaves little to be desired when safety is something that both parents and children need to feel comfortable about when playing. Luckily, Go and Play has many solutions that will get children back outside and away from their televisions.

OzFort Playgrounds

We’ve been around since 2007, and have no plans on leaving anytime soon. The only plans we do have in mind are helping you draw up the blueprints that will aid you in bringing your own OzFort play equipment to life. We have toys that you can add to your own backyard to create a playground especially for your child and their friends.

The Ozfort play equipment is made with quality and innovative design that we doubt you’ll find anywhere else. The zip lines, monkey bars, and Ozforts Playgrounds will have your kids up and out of the house playing in no time. They’ll be running, swinging, climbing, jumping, and having more fun than they ever thought was possible. Plus, Ozfort’s playgrounds are built with all ages in mind, so no matter how old you are, you’ll be able to jump into the fun with your kids too!

Our designs are also created to keep up with different locations. Want to play in the sand instead of a grassy knoll? No problem! Our SuperFort range play set is fully equipped with a slide, monkey bars, swings, climbing walls, a ball hoop, and an assortment of shovels and buckets to create sand castles too.  Your imagination will be free to run even more with our add-on kits that allow you the freedom to augment extra swing-sets or lookouts if you want to expand your play set.

No matter what kind of play environment you want to create, we can help. Our revolutionary toys are made for adults and kids, so that you can both get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Whether it be with our zip lines, waterslides, trampolines, wooden and educational toys or playground equipment, we have what you need to relax and have fun with your whole family.

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