Discover the Value of Wooden and Educational Toys. Go and Play Provides Premium Options for your Family

Childhood is a wondrous time. In the wake of modern entertainment, however, it can also be a stagnant time, with children accessing an endless stream of movies, music, and brightly coloured cartoons. Skill development shifts from cognitive to pop cultural.

Go and Play wishes to change this. We recognise the importance of wooden and educational toys, and we now offer a vast selection of games and puzzles. Each of these helps to inspire children and ensures proper cognitive, creative, and motor developments.

Go and Play: About Us

Since 2007, Go and Play has served as the premier provider of wooden and educational toys on the Gold Coast. We emphasise the need for quality entertainment, and we promise superior service. This ensures a premium experience for every customer. Our dedicated staff also understands the need for wooden toys. This is why they happily stock a dynamic inventory of blocks, creativity tables, stacking cups, and more. Contact them today to learn more about these items and their benefits.

Educational Toys: Advantages

Educational and wooden toys at Go and Play play key roles in each child’s development, ensuring a steady progression of important skills. These skills include:

Cognitive – During their formative periods (from six months to six years), children develop cognitive skills that will create the foundations of their lives. These skills, which include logical reasoning, vocal and facial recognition, and cause and effect dynamics, are essential to completing everyday tasks. Educational toys strengthen cognitive functions, engaging the frontal lobe with words, shapes, and numbers to fuse playtime with problem-solving.

Creative – Creativity serves as a funnel for each child’s imagination and emotions. Wooden toys bolster that funnel, offering tangible outlets of expression. As children develop their skills, including spatial recognition or language, these toys allow them to construct (and deconstruct) various scenarios. They also encourage parallel play, instilling them with vital social elements.

Motor – Motor skills develop radially during formative years, with children training both gross (walking, balancing) and fine (writing, eating) muscles. Wooden toys enhance these muscles. By encouraging specific motions such as stacking blocks or assembling puzzles, they improve overall balance and hand-eye coordination.

Educational toys provide distinct advantages, progressing each child’s natural skills. They also promote curiosity, providing insights into an endless variety of subjects: each of which can then lead to other forms of learning. They’re invaluable for families.

Looking for Wooden Toys or Educational Toys?  Contact Go and Play Today!

The necessity of wooden toys is undeniable. Each delivers vital support to the brain and body, ensuring that every child develops necessary skills. To learn more about how these options affect cognitive, creative, and motor functions contact Go and Play.

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