Dive Right Into Pool Time Fun With Your New SR Smith Diving Board

Serious Diving Board Fun!

Safely Diving

If you have a swimming pool then a diving board is the epitome of summer fun and will add a whole new dimension to your swimming pool. You can be really creative as you spring off the end of the diving board into the water. Please remember though that diving boards are only for in ground swimming pools. Diving off a board into an above ground pool is dangerous and should never be attempted.

Having said that, did you know that less than 10% of swimming pool diving injuries actually involve a diving board? Most accidents are from someone diving off the side of the pool into the shallow end.

Here are some important Safety Tips to ensure that you will maximise the Fun to be had with your Diving Board:

NEVER run onto or along the diving board.
NEVER dive off the side of a diving board
NEVER dive into an above ground pool
NO  back dives.
ALWAYS know the depth of water before you dive.
ALWAYS have a adult supervise children while diving and swimming
NEVER dive alone!!!

Most of these tips sound like nothing more than common sense, but taking the time to discuss these rules with your kids and their friends can keep everyone happy and safe this swimming season.

At Go & Play we stock the highly regarded SR Smith range of Diving Boards; The bombora, The Mondo Diving Platform and the Odyssey Jump Board

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