Enjoy The Fun And Benefits Of Walking A Slackline From Go And Play

A slack line is very similar to walking a tightrope except your slack line is a flat piece of webbing you are balancing on tied between two trees or supporting structures.
The sport has exploded since the 1980’s when walking a slack line was first thought of by those in the mountaineering scene.
Using a slack line has lots of health benefits including straightening your posture, improving balance, improving core strength and much more:

Improve Balance

As a slack line is a flexible rope it takes co-ordination and balance to keep you upright. Balance is integral to many aspects of life.

Improves Core Strength

A person who uses a slack line is using their core the whole time they are on the slack line. In order to balance you must contract the core to ensure balance.

Full Body Workout

Balancing on a slack line requires you to focus and use all your muscles to prevent falling. The best way to slack line is to minimise lower body movement and move from the hips up. The slack line helps you to learn about weight distribution and works your entire body.

Ability To Focus

To walk the slack line requires your concentration and undivided attention. If you lose focus it will cause you to fall off! Hence using the slack line – with daily practice – will give you more control over your mind which will carry over to other activities in your life.

Get Outside!

Walking a slack line is an outside activity! This gets us out in the fresh air and the sun (Vitamin D) instead of indoors glued to technology!


It’s rare these days to find an activity that won’t break the bank. There is no financial stress associated with enjoying this physical activity as a slack line is affordable! Buy your slack line today from Go And Play. We stock the Alien Flier slack line in either Pink or Black!



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