Get Your Children Back Outside with Go and Play’s Collection of Zip line Kits and Slackline Kits – Available Online

Are your kids constantly glued to the television? Do you find it impossible to pry them away from video games or computer screens? In today’s fast-paced world of iPads and smartphones, it has become impossible to separate children from technology. But what if there were competing outside games and toys that your children would find difficult to say no to? Playsets may not interest your children, but what about zip lines and slacklines?  If you think these ultimate outdoor play systems would get your child up and outdoors, you’ll want to check out Go and Play, Australia’s leading online outdoor play vendor. Go and Play has been dedicated to providing safe, yet entertaining outdoor fun systems for the entire family within Australia. Go and Play is adamant about getting your family outdoors and active, and their zip lines, and slackline kits are a perfect way to do this. If you’re unsure what the difference is, here’s a brief breakdown on each type of product:

Zip Line Kits Online Purchases

A zip line is an interchangeable term used to describe a cable car that is propelled by gravity to move a person from one end of the cable to another. Zip Lines should be set up on a slope for children and adults to get the most out of these systems.

Go and Play’s zip lines offer three different seat choices, for maximum comfort: a flexible seat, a disc seat, and a harness, with easy, but safe pop and snap options to change them out. They also come with safety stops and shock cords to ensure your child is always safe. The cable line is also simple to attach, with thorough safety measures included, and different length cables, depending on the size of your yard.


If you’ve ever seen tightrope walkers, then you’ve seen a version of a slackline. Slacklines are simply webbing that is held by tension between two anchoring points. Slackline kits make it easy for the entire family to strengthen their core, practice their balancing skills, and hold competitions to see who can walk the farthest on a slackline.

Slackline kits from Go and Play include a 50-foot ratcheting line as well as EZ Up and Down ratchet straps to make installation a breeze. If you’re looking for a something different to do outdoors, slacklines might be for you.

Go and Play has been committed to getting Australian families off the couch and back outside and active, and makes this process easy and fun with their premier slackline and zip line kits. Best of all, their products are both kid and adult friendly. Go online to their website to find out more about their outdoor playsets, toys, and trampolines, and check out their new specials offered for bundled purchases.


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