Go and Play Has Australian Girl Dolls, Australian Girl Doll Clothes, Shoes And More


The Australian Girl Doll was created by Helen Schofield when she was unable to find high quality dolls for her granddaughters that weren’t either teen age dolls or baby dolls. Helen struggled to buy a doll that met her requirements with regard to quality in Australia. It seemed that she could only find dolls similar to what she wanted overseas or at a high price in specialty doll stores.
Helen became inspired by her search to design dolls especially for Australian Girls and hence the uniquely Australian Girl Doll was born!
Perth Artist Samantha Auert created the first drawings of the Australian Girl Doll and both herself and Helen modelled the Australian Girl doll ‘s features on the faces of their own daughters. Next a 3D modeller was engaged to create the graphics of a full body for the Australian Girl Doll. A sculpture of the Australian Girl Doll form was cast to make the molds for mass production.
Every Australian Girl Doll is more “huggable” as she has a partial soft torso which also means her clothes fit well and look good. Every doll comes with a pair of specially designed Australian Girl™ thong sandals. The dolls’ feet have been uniquely designed to wear them.
At Go And Play we are proud to offer the Australian Girl Doll to our customers. The Australian Doll is available in Australian Girl Amy, Australian Girl Jasmine and Australian Girl Belle. Buy Australian Girl Dolls online from Go And Play and you can also buy online Australian Girl Clothes, Australian Girl shoes and more.
Australian Girl is fully Australian owned and endorses the work of Kids Free 2B Kids and Women’s Forum Australia. Through research and education regarding the sexualisation of children in the media, advertising and clothing industries these organisations promote psychological health and emotional well being of Australia’s children