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Childhood is a collection of steps, each leading toward the eventual destination of adulthood. The journey is all too short but often magical, with toys used to inspire laughter, wonder, and creativity. These toys, which include puzzles, games, block sets, and more, allow boys and girls to express themselves in exciting ways.

Searching for a toy shop?  Contact Go and Play! We connect families to a diverse range of products, each tailored toward fun and learning. Let us help you find the right items for your children.
Go and Play: About Us

As one of the leading toy stores on the Gold Coast, Go and Play embraces the ideas of quality products and sterling service. Since 2007, we’ve stocked an endless selection of educational toys, arts and crafts toys, musical toys, and more, choosing only the best brands from across the globe, and always striving to please every child. We believe in the power of play. Searching for toy shops? Look no further than Go and Play! We’ll help you find the perfect option for both your child and your budget.

Choosing Toys

As a premier top shop, Go and Play recognises the need for a variety of products: addressing different ages, interests, and developmental stages.

Baby Toys – Go and Play, like many toy shops, offers a selection of baby toys. Options such as alphabet cards, geometric stackers, and pull-a-longs stimulate core skills, helping children develop their fine motor muscles and improving basic language and mathematical abilities.

Toddler Toys – Like other premium toy stores, Go and Play has multiple toddler toys. These items – which include stacking cups, play-sets, and felt creation sets – target cognitive skills, improving each child’s memory abilities, shape and colour recognitions, sequencing, and more.

Childrens’ Toys – As the foremost toy shop, Go and Play provides toys for all ages, especially early adolescents. These products, which include science kits, musical sets, and costumes, promote critical problem solving and creative developments, inspiring children to touch, see, and interact with individual pieces. They also promote key curriculum-based skills, focusing on topics like letters, numbers, animals, insects, and more.

Looking for toy stores? Go and Play offers a variety of options for every parent. Our categories include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Balance Bikes, Walkers, and Rockers
  • Dolls and Dollhouses
  • Dress Up
  • Educational
  • Games and Puzzles
  • Music
  • Wooden Toys
    … and more!

Searching for Specific Toys? Contact Go and Play!

Go and Play, as one of the leading toy shops in the Gold Coast, understands the need for quality toys. This is why we now offer options for babies, toddlers, and adolescents, each delivering important life skills. To learn more, contact us today.

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