Worlds First Kids Skateboard

Designed on the Gold Coast, made for the world

The ookkie™ is the world’s first dedicated, kids learning skateboard that has been specifically designed for children as young as 2 years old.

Your child can use the ookkie™ with or without assistance with it’s unique four in one system featuring a handle for parents to push and control speed, and a rear handle for kids. The handle system significantly increases stability and allows the rider to develop the fundamentals of skateboarding.


4 in 1 Progression Stages Completely height adjustable

The ookkie™ is a 4 in 1 system which physically transforms, along with your child, as their confidence and ability develops.
This enables your child to progress at their own pace. Starting with a parent assisted handle, you can add and remove ookkie™parts to suit your child’s ability. This means that your child can use the ookkie™ over a period of years.

Once your child becomes proficient in skateboarding fundamentals and doesn’t require any assistance parts, the ookkie™ deck can be used as a regular skateboard, meaning the ookkie™ will not be outgrown

The ookkie™ features a rear 360 degree rotating ball which allows kids to balance on the rear ball introducing new tricks to the industry and making the ookkie™ more than just a regular skateboard. The rear rotating ball also assists parents in maneuvering corners while pushing a child by leaning on the ball while turning a corner. As with all ookkie™ features, the rotating ball can be removed if the user wishes.