Rainbows and Clover *by nic-nac, embodies an innovative design and originality that breathes practicality and durability.

Our brand is a collection of fresh & timeless products, that we design, with love. It’s also about a VIBE. A positive attitude, and a picnic lifestyle. It is about loving families and great friends, sunny days at the beach and cuddles with your kids. It’s about walking hand in hand and road trips and singing loudly out of key! It is also about whispering sweet lullabies and gooey fingers and butterflies in your tummy when you look at your partner looking at your baby with nothing but utter devotional love in their eyes. It is about feeling special, confident and wonderful and having a full heart because your family are near.

We design our products to invoke a feeling, a reaction, a smile. From our imaginary play ideas to sensory and educational toys, and our bedroom and living room decor to create amazing spaces, our products are made with thought, consciously, ethically, and with love.

Kids teepees, garlands, bunting, rugs & wall heads, mobiles & dream catchers; great ideas to decorate and personalise a play space or room. Puppets, fairy & dragon caves, mermaids, play mats, hanging homes for gnomes, balloon balls & more; we aim to help kids use their imagination while they create magical worlds of whimsy and wonder.

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