Vuly 2 Trampolines

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The Vuly 2 – Vuly’s latest take on the Backyard Classic – launched in Australia in October 2014 and is unlike any other trampoline on the market. Why? Vuly took what they had learnt with the Vuly Thunder – incorporating the Thunder’s popular features such as the safest Trampoline Enclosure, solid Framework and stylish reversible safety pads and applied them to the Vuly 2.

As Vuly CEO Joe Andon stated

[quote]Vuly 2 is perfect for customers who would love to get a Thunder. Now every back yard in Australia can have a trampoline that is distinctly Vuly in it’s look and feel. [/quote]
  enclosure The Safest Trampoline EnclosureVuly2’s Safety Net is so well put together you can crash into it all you like. You won’t get grazes, hurt by the net poles, or fall down towards the frame as you would on cheaper brands.
 solid%20frame A Solid FrameworkOur high quality frame joins are an essential part of Vuly 2’s bounce and it’s two ring click-together frame means double the strength of competing trampolines.
 reversible%20safety%20pads  Stylish Safety PadsVuly 2 has reversible safety pads that provide a fresh look every time you flip them over. These pads are water & UV resistant, so you can be sure they last.
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