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Vuly Quest Punching Ball


Vuly Quest Punching Ball

$140.00 $120.00 Incl. GST

Practise your punching form.

  • Training for pros
  • Extender not included but can be purchased separately
  • World-class warranties – 1 year
  • Half-Price Parts for Life

Free freight only applies when brought in conjugation with a frame. Please call or email our shop for a shipping quote if buying individually.



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Vuly Punching Ball

Made for the family

Take turns with the kids working on your jabs and uppercuts. The Punching Ball on 360 Pro helps turn your outdoor play set into a fitness machine that keeps your whole squad active.

Designed for tough play

Connect onto either end of your Cubby House, Swing Set or Play Set. The sturdy sand bag, easy carabiner attachment and responsive ropes mean you’ll get full feedback during those power sessions.

Training for pros

Hone your talents for the big time. Run training afternoons with your kids, teaching self-defence or good fitness principles that they can carry with them for life.

Backyard Childrens Swingsets and Playsets


Best-in-class Warranties – Vuly guarantees that your Quest is free of manufacturing faults and defects for:

1 year warranty

On all accessories

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 17 × 9 cm