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Wooden Story Blocks

Wooden Story Blocks

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Roll the blocks and tell a story! These wooden story blocks by Melissa and Doug encourage storytelling, creativity and imaginative thinking. Additionally, they help to develop sorting, matching and memory skills.

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How To Play

1 player – ask the child to roll one block from each category, then make up a story with whatever picture he/she rolls. Coloured coded borders help the child identify which block fits which category (blue for Who?, red for What?, green for Where? and orange for When?). As he/she gets the hang of it, encourage the child to make up a story using all eight blocks at a time!

2 players – each player rolls a complete set of four blocks, placing them in order in the wooden box. Take turns telling the silliest story you can think of! For an extra challenge, the second player can begin his/her story by continuing from where the first player ends. The sillier the combination, the funnier the story! A witch with a birthday cake at the circus in a rainstorm? With Story Blocks, it could happen!

For ages 4+

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