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X3 Zip Line Kit 30m With Flexi Seat, 6mm Cable*


X3 Zip Line Kit 30m With Flexi Seat, 6mm Cable*

$499.00 $389.00 Incl. GST

The NEW & IMPROVED Alien Flier X3 trolley is designed to be sleek, fast, and easy to use. Our zip line trolley is removable, so it can be taken down seasonally, or whenever it’s not in use, for added security. Like all of our previous X models, the X3 comes with our patented trigger-activated Speed Control system!

Customize your kit with one of our complete kits or additional seats!

The Alien Flier X3 Zip Line Kit comes with:

  • Anodized Aluminum Trolley Chassis with Hardened Steel Sheaves & Bearings
  • Rider Activated Speed Control with Pad
  • One-piece, Locking, Knurled Handles
  • Flexi Seat with Pop N’ Snap Attachment
  • Tow Rope
  • Molded Stop Block
  • Bungee Shock Cord (15′ x 1/2″)
  • EZ Up Cable Tensioning Kit
  • 6mm Galvanized Steel Cable + Hardware
  • Rated For Riders up to 100kg

Our Cable Tensioning Kits will accommodate trees up to 6 ft. around.

Terms and conditions:* Online orders may take up to 7 days for delivery*


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Why Alien Flier?

Safer Zip Line Operation!

  • Rugged construction supports zip line riders up to 250 pounds with high-quality metal construction!
  • Simple installation – Alien Flier trolley attaches quickly using threaded bolts & stainless steel fasteners!
  • Secure – Alien Flier cannot jump or fall off – our housing encloses the cable entirely!
  • Spin-free fun – handles keep the rider facing forward with the trolley during your zip ride!
  • Control – built-in trigger actuated speed control system!
  • Ground-level entry – tow rope launching reduces risks introduced by ladder and tree stand loading!

Better Trolley Construction!

  • Lasting fun – Made with high strength lightweight aluminum frames!
  • Easy trolley maintenance – Alien Flier uses modular trolley construction made with replaceable parts!
  • Weather Safe – durable anodized finish protects the aluminum trolley frame from the elements!
  • Smooth ride – two chrome bearings in each tough steel sheave provides smooth zip line speed!
  • Flexible line construction – Alien Flier runs on various cable diameters! (3/16″-7/16″)

Fast Comfortable Zip Line Fun!

  • Smooth – Alien Flier’s 6” wide cable stance reduces cable sag & line friction!
  • Style – three seat styles ensure you of easy entry & comfort on the Alien Flier zip line trolley!
  • Super fast ride, due to sealed bearing construction and multi-sheave zip line trolley design!




DO NOT use any Alien Flier Zip Line Products or Accessories until you read and understand these SAFETY WARNINGS!
• A zip line can be very dangerous. Do not use this kit if you do not understand the risk involved in riding a zip line. The cable can hold weights many times that of most riders and is the least likely part of the system to fail. Pay special attention to your workmanship making the loops and connections for these are the areas where failures are more common to occur. Check all connections and inspect your line and components for damage and wear before every ride.
• Use under adult supervision only.
• Do not mount your zip line to anything other than healthy, live trees that are at least 12” in diameter and firmly rooted in the ground.
• Inspect the entire zip line system including all connections, pulleys and components for damage or wear before every use. DO NOT ride a system that is damaged.
• Falling + Fast Speeds + Rough Landings (stumps, rocks etc.) = Serious injury or death.
• Ignoring safety recommendations = Serious injury or death.
• Poor installation workmanship and maintenance = Serious injury or death.
• DO NOT attach items to this equipment that are not specifically designed for use with this equipment such as, but not limited to: jump ropes, clothesline, pet leashes, cables, chains, and rope. This may cause a strangulation hazard and result in serious injury or death.
• Dress appropriately with well-fitting shoes. NO ponchos, scarves or other loose fitting clothing or accessories.
• Rider’s with long hair should take care to secure their hair so that it does not become entwined in the equipment.
• Single riders only! Do not ride double. Never overload the cable. We do not recommend riders over 220 lbs., or up to 275 lbs. with 1/4” diameter cable.
• Always hold on to the T‐bar with both hands. DO NOT put your hand on or near the cable while riding.
• ALWAYS ride seated. Make sure that the seat is adjusted so that the rider’s head is at least 6” below the cable.
• Do not jump off of your zip line while you are traveling on it.
• Make sure that there are no obstructions in the path of the rider.
• Use caution while dismounting to ensure that the seat does not snap up towards the rider.
• Do not install a zip line around a high voltage line, over roads, water or ravines.
• Never set the cable’s rate of descent to unsafe angles or the cable to unsafe heights. A 3-4% overall grade and 10-12 ft. height is recommended.
• Always include a properly installed and maintained STOP BLOCK in conjunction with all of our models.
Assumption of Risk & Liability Waiver
Allowing your children, friends, or anyone else’s children to ride on a zip that has not been installed properly, maintained as instructed and inspected for safety is tantamount to endangerment and negligence. Please use common sense and remember that you are responsible for your decisions as well as the outcome. Alien Flier LLC and its associates are not responsible for anything that may go wrong with your zip line installation, trees, gear, trolleys, or related components. We are not responsible for any injuries or deaths that occur during the construction or operation of your zip line or any other products. No warranty related to zip lines is expressed or implied by installation tips, construction guides, or by any representative of Alien Flier LLC, including warranties of merchantability or fitness. Ensure you educate yourself on the proper installation, maintenance and use of everything related to your Alien Flier product. Seek competent local assistance if you are unsure of how to work with trees, cable installation or maintenance. All information related to zip lines received from any representative or printed or digital material distributed by Alien Flier LLC is only an opinion and shall not be interpreted as expert or professional advice. Contact component manufacturer for information about warranty and use of their products. The customer accepts full responsibility for any and all incidents, accidents, injuries, deaths, and property damage that may occur during the building and operating of your zip line or other Alien Flier products. Serious injury and death may occur as a result of improper use of this equipment. DO NOT attempt to use this equipment without proper training! Inspect all equipment before each use and destroy or replace any gear that is damaged, worn, or does not pass inspection. Any person using these products is responsible for the proper care and maintenance of these products. WHEN IN DOUBT, REPLACE ITI! Any person using these products in any manner assumes all risk and responsibility for any damage or injury, including death or dismemberment. Any litigation involving these products will be defended and challenged according to the above release of liability.

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Weight 9.55 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm