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Rust is a title that combines many healthy popular music: first person action, life and construction-all servers extended 300 people to find a beautiful game. Fun for players who are looking for something different.

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When you start a new rust game, you will fall into a random spot in the context of the Big Island game. Equipped with only one stone, torch and two tires, you need to think very quickly if you are obliged to live wild animals, online players and other dangers surrounding you. Fortunately, the Rock you offer cover to start harvesting raw materials (wood, stone, etc.).
The fact that all your children do not know Minecraft.
Once you have enough collected materials you remove new items and changes to your environment, such as building houses in which you can store equipment and reboot when you die. But unlike the stability of Minecraft, Rust also has an element of cruelty, human Dayz player on your server will be happy to steal chasing your resource. Other players who could be your friends join you in your adventure, but also probably attack you, steal from home (to use explosives to blow up the door) and let you die.

Courage Game
Do not let the deceived and the total construction and adaptation; That’s where the similarities with Minecraft is finished. Need to find housing, stay warm, eat and live alone.
And you have to find a way to protect yourself, to create weapons and frustrate weapons. This is a great advantage for rust, as its attitude in disputes and provide a longer term appeal to those who have grown tired of Minecraft.
Photos of rust is an interesting way when you will start, although you need a powerful computer to really understand them. But, despite their technical quality, they quickly become redundant. There is no difference in the ecology of the islands as you can traverse and robust grass and stone quickly become annoying.

To create a new field
Rust is still under development, but is willing to set a new pattern in the genre. The spirit of a combination of live action, construction and clearly show erosion set appear in Minecraft in violation of.
Note that in this version now some of the things you can build is still limited, although it is expected to grow as fast as where rust is growing.


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