Timber Log Splits and Cracks

There is something so beautiful and warm about our Timber Playgrounds but our Biggest challenge for our OzFort Playground customer is learning to work with cracks (checking) in our posts we use after installation, so in this short blog we will try inform you that timber checking is a natural and completely unavoidable.

Your OzFort Playground logs are a slashed pine regrowth perma log with an ACQ preservative used to a H4 Hazard class

Checking is small to medium separations of the wood fibres in a longitudinal post. This natural occurs after installation during the drying process because from the mill the posts moisture has been removed and replaced with a wet agent to protect the timber from pest and deterioration. Due to the innate characteristics of wood during the drying period stresses develop in wood as a result of differential uneven shrinkage and this leads to checking (splitting or cracking). This Drying process can take up to 5 years but most checking will stop after 3 to 6 months

Checking is misunderstood when assessing the condition and strength of the structure but rest assure this is completely natural and should be embraced because our playgrounds are made of a natural product and these logs will outlast your child’s first years of life, actually it is important to remember that as the wood dries it becomes stronger.

“These Checks prove the timber is real and just like our finger prints they also make each timber unique”

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