Vuly Lift vs Vuly Lift Pro Trampoline

There are 3 main differences between the Vuly Lift and Vuly Lift Pro Trampoline:

  1. Net
  2. Frame Appearance
  3. Padding

Other than the 3 differences they are the same quality, durability, size and safest trampoline on the market.

* With Any Vuly Lift  and Lift Pro Purchase we will give you a Free Shade Cover.



  1. Safety Net

    They have the same Zip-less wider door opening that shuts behind you for that greater safety, the net is inside the springs so you will not land on the springs which could cause an injury.



  1. Frame Appearance

    Both models have a twice galvanised frame and heat treatment for a longer lasting trampoline. Each model has a dual layered spring system for better bounce no matter your age and size.


  1. Safety Padding

    Protect onlookers with padding that attaches directly to the springs and every pad now comes with drainage holes.

Other Key Points on the Vuly Lift and Vuly Lift Pro Trampolines

  • Free Of nuts and bolts for easier installation
  • Super Strong frame that won’t bow or break
  • UV Resistance netting
  • 150kg weight limit on all sizes
  • Fun games on the Jumpmat right under your feet
  • Outstanding Warranties
  • Half Price parts for life



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