Vuly Thunder vs Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline

Vuly Thunder vs. Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline

There are 3 main differences between the Vuly Thunder and Vuly Thunder Pro

  1. Net

  2. Frame Appearance

  3. Springs

+ With Every Thunder you can choose a Shade cover of Basketball set


Other than the 3 differences they are the same quality, durability, size and safest trampoline on the market.

  1. Net

They have the same Zip-less wider door opening that shuts behind you for that greater safety, the net is attached directly to the mat so you can bounce right to the edge

  1. Frame Appearance

Both models have a twice galvanised frame and heat treatment for a longer lasting trampoline.

  1. Springs

Gentle-edge Compact leaf springs are pre curved and rivet-less for a more robust higher bounce. Truly Vertical bounce without the twist of coils and rods which can stain your knees

Other Key Points on the Vuly Thunder and Vuly Thunder Pro Trampolines

  • Free Of nuts and bolts for easier instillation
  • Super Strong frame that won’t bow or break
  • Uv Resistance netting
  • 150kg weight limit on all sizes
  • Fun games matt right under your feet
  • Outstanding Warranties
  • Half Price parts for life


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