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We are privileged to provide you with the best of the best products for your children. Our goal is to get your child/children active and healthy by encouraging them to play outside, whether it is playing on an OzFort Playground or Swing Set, bouncing on a Vuly Trampoline, flying down an Alien Flier Zip Line, sliding down a Waterslide or playing with one of our many quality educational toys. We will also provide ideas and tips that won’t cost any money just time and effort via our blogs, Facebook post, Instagram pictures. You can subscribe and or follow us on our social media platforms on the bottom of this page

Since 2007 Go And Play has been focused on and will continue to be focused on supplying parents and caregivers the very best value products in each of its ranges. We have sourced products from all over the world. We now have a huge range of products that will suit all ages and importantly all of our products can be used by adults, which encourages play with Children. Go And Play strive to provide the best customer service. Our professional team has had rigorous training on all product lines and will be able to support you in making your product decision to guarantee the safest and most enjoyable play experience for your family. We provide our customers with full product service and post sales support to ensure your play experience will last and last.

Our Range Quality Products


OzFort Playgrounds

OzFort Playground is manufactured by one of the most respected playground companies which sells parts all over the world and is proud to be 100% Australian owned. All the timber and ply is 100% manufactured in Australia. The experienced design team ensures that all of its products are technically the best that are available and that safety and design are the paramount consideration.

OzFort is a modular system playground so you can have your very own OzFort Playground to suit your needs, your backyard and your budget. You can purchase one of our Adventure playgrounds “SuperFort” on your initial purchase or you could purchase a smaller OzFort and all the kits can be purchased at a later date for their Birthday or Christmas. This allows the Playground to grow with your Child’s or Children’s needs and wants, not to mention the extra excitement when you add to the playground or they realise you have a new swing or trapeze. Even friends or family can purchase accessories or Add On Kits for your playground as a gift. We have all your information to help them purchase extra equipment for the Playground.

OzFort also range a quality commercial standard outdoor playsets and Swing sets for all ages, at 2.4m high and 3m wide this timber swing set is perfect for all ages and any backyard. The swings can be swapped over with ease and there are many types of different swings to suit and age. Go and Play also range another range of Basic playgrounds which include Swings monkey bars and slides for all year round fun

The OzFort Design Features

  1. Encourage children to run, jump, climb, swing,

Slide and play outside

  1. Only use the best materials so the playgrounds

Will outlast your children

  1. Modular system—OzFort can be added on to now or later
  2. 1 Off purchase for life, suitable for all ages
  3. Pre drilled ply for simply installation
  4. Key post structure—only 1 or 2 posts cemented into the ground for easy instillation
  5. Playground suitable for play all year round

Vuly Trampolines

Go And Play Range all Vuly Trampolines and accessories

Vuly dedicates considerable resources into creating the most advanced trampolines. Successes include the revolutionary Vuly Thunder, which uses Leaf Springs instead of coil springs for extra safety and added bounce. This commitment to innovation has seen the company and its products receive numerous accolades such as the NAB Big Tour of Business Award and the Good Design Award.

Vuly continues to provide its customers with market leading trampolines, accessories and equipment that take bouncing to the next level. Designed and developed in Australia, these products offer reliability, durability and, more importantly, endless hours of safe play.

Vuly trampolines help you and your family enjoy safe, fun trampolining in your backyard.

Engineered with the latest technology, a Vuly trampoline can help you and your kids bounce higher than even before. Revolutionary safety systems greatly reduce the risk of injuries that you may associate with conventional trampolines.

Go And Play also offers a wide range of Vuly accessories such as a basketball hoop and the Vuly deck, which give you and your kid’s new ways to engage with trampolining. Water Mister which keeps you cool while bouncing, with evenly dispersed water spray that’s better than the hose, Pulse Music Speaker Play, pause, skip and pump up the volume as you bounce, with an outdoor speaker. Trampoline Wheels Raise and push your Thunder Pro effortlessly, with an easy-to-attach wheel system. Trampoline Leveller, Set up anywhere in your backyard, with a set of extendable levellers. Trampoline Ladder will Add easier entry or take it away to prevent access, with a non-slip ladder. Trampoline Anchor kit Protect your backyard by fixing your trampoline to the ground during windy weather.

Vuly 360 Swing

Go And Play range all 360 Swing sets and will range all new 360 Swing accessories and add on kits

With the new 360 Swing Set, Vuly has created one of the strongest and safest outdoor play set in the world – from the stable frame to the long-lasting swings. For families who always put safety first for their children, and for kids who want the ultimate in fun, 360’s premium design is built to last and made to offer a unique play experience.

360’s elegant design compared to that of the competition. Combined with the array of upcoming swing options and add-ons, the sophisticated 360 frame will provide the foundation of years of fun for the whole family. Upgrade and refine it as your tastes change; 360 allow you to create and recreate your own fun again and again.

Like Vuly Trampolines the 360 swing set will outlast any other play set on the market. While many play sets are made from a combination of thin metal and plastic, Vuly has cut no corners to ensure that 360 can stand up to the harsh Australian climate and provide fun beyond a birthday or Christmas. Compared to the frame components on other sets, 360’s 125mm width and 4mm thickness is four-times as thick and over twice as wide!

Playground Accessories

Go And Play have an extensive range of quality playground accessories, kids swings, toddle swings, slides, Cubby house accessories, Rope equipment, climbing equipment and much much more. Our range has been tested to suit the Australian climate and will last for years. We offer play packs for online delivery or come to our retail outlet and pick up all you playground accessories at one spot

Alien Flier Zip Lines

Safer Zip Line Operation- Rugged construction supports zip line riders up to 100kg  with high quality metal construction!, Simple installation – Alien Flier trolley attaches quickly using threaded bolts & stainless steel fasteners!, Secure – Alien Flier cannot jump or fall off – our housing encloses the cable entirely!, Spin-free fun – handles keep the rider facing forward with the trolley during your zip ride!, Control – built in trigger actuated speed control system!, Ground-level entry – tow rope launching reduces risks introduced by ladder and tree stand loading!

Better Trolley Construction – Lasting fun – Made with high strength lightweight aluminum frames!, Easy trolley maintenance – Alien Flier uses modular trolley construction made with replaceable parts!, Weather Safe – durable anodized finish protects the aluminum trolley frame from the elements!, Smooth ride – two chrome bearings in each tough steel sheave provides smooth zip line speed!,

Fast Comfortable Zip Line Fun – Smooth – Alien Flier’s 6” wide cable stance reduces cable sag & line friction!, Style – three seat styles ensure you of easy entry & comfort on the Alien Flier zip line trolley!, Year round comfort with foam grips to stabilize your zip line ride & warm your hands!, Super fast ride, due to sealed bearing construction and multi-sheave zip line trolley design!, Flexibility & safety provided by slots in AF trolley for adding safety webbing, rope & carabineers!

Alien Flier Slacklines

Slacklines are AMAZING fun for the whole family – balance, walk, run, stunt – all while getting a great core workout!. The Slacklines comes with EZ up, EZ down 2″ x 50′ line, adjustable to any length, Powerful ratchet for Maximum Tension Control, must have 1″ Training Line included, to help you get started, Set of Tree Pads to protect your trees and your line!

Pool Equipment

Go And Play Offer 2 brands of Pool Equipment and Water Slides

S.R.Smith, world leader in swimming pool deck equipment, and Anti Wave, Australia’s leading manufacturer of commercial swimming pool products, bring together more than 12 decades of innovation, experience and passion. We think it’s the perfect marriage; one that will deliver a comprehensive range of backyard swimming pool products in Australia including Water Slides, Diving Boards and Pool Games

Aqua Star Water Slides

These are supplied in kit form with Stainless Steel stands. The slides are manufactured from Duraplene super glass resin and features built-in water jets.

Quality Educational Toys

Go And Play supply quality and educational toys online or at our retail outlet. We have a huge range of toys to choose from for all ages and budgets, Go And Play source the best toys from Dolls houses, Wooden toys, Educational Toys, Balance bikes, Arts and Crafts, Toys for boys, Toys for girls, Puzzles and much much more, Go And Play Retail store offers the best customer service and will help you make your choice and even provide free Gift Wrapping service for that special gift. We have plenty of parking and we are open 6 days a week.

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